Name (Simplified Chinese):KONG EFANG

Name (Pinyin):KONG EFANG


Education Level:With Certificate of Graduation for Doctorate Study


Degree:Doctoral Degree

Status:On the job

Alma Mater:新加坡国立大学

Academic Honor:

Honors and Titles:

Educational Experience

1995.9 -- 1999.7

上海师范大学       基础数学       With Certificate of Graduation for Undergraduate Study       Bachelor's Degree

1999.9 -- 2002.7

北京师范大学       数理统计       With Certificate of Graduation for Study as Master's Candidates       Master's Degree

2002.7 -- 2006.7

新加坡国立大学       统计       With Certificate of Graduation for Doctorate Study       Doctoral Degree

Work Experience

2016.1 -- Now

电子科技大学数学科学学院      专任教师

2009.1 -- 2015.12

University of Kent at Canterbury, School of Mathematics      Lecturer

2006.8 -- 2006.12

National University of Singapore, Dept of Mathematics      Research Fellow

2001.1 -- 2008.12

Techinique Universiteit Eindhoven, Dept of Mathematics      Postdoc Research Fellow


学术经历:     2009.1-2006.12英国肯特大学 讲师 2007.1-2008.12 荷兰埃因霍芬大学 博士后; 2006.12 新加坡国立大学 博士 

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