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Yang HAN

Personal information

 Doctoral Supervisor  Master Tutor


Education Level:With Certificate of Graduation for Doctorate Study

Alma Mater:Shanghai Jiaotong University

Academic Titles:IEEE Senior Member, IEEE PLES/IAS/IES/PES Member

Degree:Doctoral Degree

Status:On the job

School/Department:University of Electronic Science and Technology of China

Date of Employment:2010-10-29

Administrative Position:Associate Professor

Discipline:Electrical Engineering

Business Address:Room C1-405/112 Main Building, Qingshuihe Campus, UESTC

Contact Information:hanyang@uestc.edu.cn


Personal Profile

Yang Han (S’08-M’10-SM’17) received the Ph.D. degree in Electrical Engineering from Shanghai Jiaotong University (SJTU), Shanghai, China, in 2010. He joined the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China (UESTC) in 2010, and has been an Associate Professor since 2013. From March 2014 to March 2015, he was a visiting scholar at the Department of Energy Technology, Aalborg University, Aalborg, Denmark. Currently, he is with the Department of Electrical Engineering, School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, UESTC. His research interests include the AC/DC microgrids, grid-connected converters for renewable energy systems, power quality, active power filters, multilevel converters and static synchronous compensators (STATCOMs).

He has authored more than 30 ISI-indexed international journal papers, including 11 papers in IEEE Tranactions, 3 ESI highly cited papers and one book chapter in the area of power elctronics, power quality conditoners and smart grid. He has served as Session Chair in “Microgrid Optimization and Scheduling” Session in the 2nd International Conference on Power and Renewable Energy, Chengdu, China, in 2017, in “Power Quality Mitigation and Application” Session in the 5th National Conference on Power Quality in Xi’an in 2017, and in “AC/DC, DC/AC Power Converter” Session in the 2016 IPEMC ECCE-Asia in Hefei, China. He was awarded the “Academic Talent Award” by UESTC in 2017, and “Baekhyun Award” by the Korean Institute of Power Electronics (KIPE) in 2016. He received Best Paper Awards from the 6th Asia International Symposium on Mechatronics in 2017, the 5th National Conference on Power Quality in 2017, the Annual Conference of HVDC and Power Electronics Committee of Chinese Society of Electrical Engineers (CSEE) in 2013, and the 4th International Conference on Power Quality in 2008, China. He holds 18 issued and ten pending patents. He is an active reviewer of the IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics, IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid, and IEEE Industrial Electronics Magazine.

Selected Publications:
[1] Yang Han*, Ke Zhang, Hong Li, Ernane A.A. Coelho, Josep M. Guerrero, MAS-based distributed coordinated control and optimization in microgrid and microgrid clusters: A comprehensive overview, IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics, vol.33, no.8, pp.6488-6508, August, 2018. (Highlighted Paper)
[2] Yang Han*, Hong Li, Pan Shen, Ernane A. A. Coelho, Josep M. Guerrero, Review of active and reactive power sharing strategies in hierarchical controlled microgrids, IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics, vol.32, no.3, pp.2427-2451, March 2017. (ESI Highly Cited Paper)
[3] Yang Han*, Pan Shen, Xin Zhao, Josep M. Guerrero, Control strategies for islanded microgrid using enhanced hierarchical control structure with multiple current-loop damping schemes, IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid, vol.8, no.3, pp.1139-1153, May 2017. (ESI Highly Cited Paper)
[4] Yang Han*, Mingyu Luo, Xin Zhao, Josep M. Guerrero, Lin Xu, Comparative performance evaluation of orthogonal-signal-generators based single-phase PLL algorithms – A survey, IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics, vol.31, no.5, pp.3932-3944, May 2016. (ESI Highly Cited Paper)

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Education Experience

  • 2014.3-2015.3

    Aalborg University, Denmark | Electrical Engineering | Visiting Scholar | Visiting Scholar

  • 2004.9-2010.10

    Shanghai Jiaotong University | Electrical Engineering | Doctoral Degree

Work Experience

  • 2017.12-Now

     School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering | University of Electronic Science and Technology of China | School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering  | Associate Professor, Ph.D supervisor 

  • 2010.10-2017.11

     University of Electronic Science and Technology of China 

Social Affiliations:

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Research Focus

  • Coordinated Control for Renewable Energy Systems (Wind/PV/Microgrid)

  • Analysis and Control of Power Electronics based Smart Grid

  • Power Quality Analysis, Active Power Filter, Static Var Compensation, Power Converters and Control Strategies

Research Group

Power Electronics and Power Quality Control Group