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Personal Information:

 Doctoral Supervisor  Master Tutor


Education Level:With Certificate of Graduation for Doctorate Study

Alma Mater:Aalborg University,Denmark

Academic Titles:Director, Center for Information in Medicine,University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, Sichuan,Chengdu 610054, China

Other Post:Director, Key Laboratory for NeuroInformation, Ministry of Education, China; Director, Int Joint Research center for Neuroinformation, Ministry of Science and Technology, China

Degree:Doctoral Degree

Status:On the job

School/Department:School of Life Science and Technology

Date of Employment:1991-07-17

Discipline:Applied Psychology
Biomedical Engineering

Business Address:Qingshuihe Campus:No.2006, Xiyuan Ave, West Hi-Tech Zone, 611731  |   Chengdu, Sichuan, P.R.China

Contact Information:028-83208238


Academic Honor: 国家杰出青年科学基金获得者 ; 新世纪百千万人才工程

Honors and Titles: 全国优秀教师(2010), AIMBE Fellow(2017); Roy John Award (2018)


Dezhong Yao  In English


Basic Information

1.     Male, Born in 1965 in Chongqing, China

2.     PhD (1991, Chengdu University of Technology,China)

3.     PhD ( 2005, Aalborg  University Denmark)

4.     Full Professor (1995-); Changjiang Scholar Professor (2006).

5.     Director of the Key Lab for NeuroInformation, Ministry of Education (MOE) of China(2009-) ( www.neuro.uestc.edu.cn )

6.     Director of the Int Joint Research Center for NeuroInformation, Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) (2013-)

7.     Director of the Innovative Talent introduction Base for Neuroinformation (111 project), State Bureau of Foreign Affairs (SBFA) (2013-)

8.     Dean of the School of Life Science and Technology, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China (UESTC) (2001.11-2017.12)

9.     Director for Information in Medicine, UESTC (http://www.cim.uestc.edu.cn/) (2014.7-)

10. Dean od the Sichuan Institute for Brain Science and Brain-Inspired Intelligence (SCIBrain)(www.scibrain.org) (2018.12-)



Services for International journals (Editors)

1.         Brain Topography (Editorial Board Member2018-)

2.         IEEE  Trans NSRE  (Associate Editor2018-)

3.         Physiol Measurement (Advisory board Member2018-)

4.         Plos One (Academic Editor2015-2018)

5.         Frontiers in Computational Neuroscience (Associate Editor, 2018-)

6.         Frontiers in NeuroscienceReview editor, brain imaging methods,2015-

7.         Physics in Medicine and Biology (Advisory Board Member, 2002-2006)


 Services for Domestic/International Scientific Societies:

1.     Vice-Chairman of the Chinese Society of Biomedical Engineering(2015-)

2.     Member of the council of the Chinese Society of Cognitive Science(2013-)

3.         Chairman of the council of the Sichuan Society of Cognitive Science(2015-)

4.         Board Member of the International Society for Brain Electromagnetic Topography( ISBET) http://www.isbet.info/index.php/executive-board

5.         International Scientific Committee of the 19th WORLD CONGRESS OF PSYCHOPHYSIOLOGY Lucca | Italy September 4 - 8 | 2018


6.    Chairman of the 20th WORLD CONGRESS OF PSYCHOPHYSIOLOGY (2020, chengdu)



Main interests:

1.     Brainformatics, such as EEG/fMRI data and network analysis

2.     Brain-Apparatus Conversation (Bacomics) (music-brain/brain-computer/brain-video game/brain-body)

3.     Big neurodata mining

4.     neurocomputation and Brain inspired AI



1.     More than 200 international peers reviewed papers published with citations>7300 and h index=43 (Google)


2.         https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Dezhong_Yao


Honors and Awards:

1.     Electroencephalography and Clinical Neuroscience Society Roy John Award  "for his impressive  and influential contributions to  electrophysioology Research" http://www.ecnsweb.org/awards.htm, 2018)

2.        Fellow of the American Institute of Medical and Biological Engineering (AIMBE) ( "for outstanding contributions to biophysical and mathematical models of the EEG and fMRI and educational infrastructure development",2017) (https://aimbe.org/college-of-fellows/cof-2220/)

3.        Listed in the Elsevier "Most Cited Chinese Researchers" from 2014 to 2018

4.     National Excellent Teachers of MOE (2010)

5.     First class Natural Science Award ( Ministry of Education(MOE), 2010)  

6.        Outstanding Youth Fund Winner of NSFC (2005)

7.        Changjiang Scholar Professor of MOE (2006).


Main contributions:

1.         EEG zero reference (REST), recommended by the IFCN guideline for EEG(2018) (www.neuro.uestc.edu.cn/rest); and "Best Practices in Data Analysis & Sharing in Neuroimaging using MEEG" of OHBMhttps://cobidasmeeg.wordpress.com/

2.     Scale-free music of Brain (http://www.neuro.uestc.edu.cn/brainmusic.html);

3.     Information fusion of simultaneous EEG-fMRI(http://www.neuro.uestc.edu.cn/NIT.html).

4.     China-Cuba-Canada(CCC)-axis:  Int cooperation on brain aging based cloud platform (Webrain and Cbrain) http://webrain.uestc.edu.cn




                 Details on Web/网站信息


Personal information/个人信息:






    google citations >7300, h-index 43


RG scores 45.19



Team information/团队信息( Neuoengineering and Neurodata/神经数据与神经工程团队):



WeBrain Platform/ International cloud based brainformatics platform for data,tools and computation together centered on electrophysiological information of the brain 




EEG zero reference/脑电零参考技术(REST):



Brainwave music/脑波音乐技术:



Simultaneous EEG-fMRI/同步脑电磁共振技术:



Postdoctoral Recruitment/博士后招聘信息:








博士1 (1991,   成都理工大学,      地震勘探-弹性波成像)

博士2 (2005,丹麦Aalborg大学, 脑电-等效源成像)






电子科技大学信息医学中心主任(2013-)    (www.cim.uestc.edu.cn)

四川省脑科学与类脑智能研究院 院长 (2018.12-) (www.scibrain.org)

电子科技大学生命科学与技术学院院长 2001.11-2017.12)  (www.life.uestc.edu.cn)






发表SCI论文200余篇,Google 引用7300余次,h指数43



6家国际专业期刊编委(参考上面Services for International journals 



1.     中国生物医学工程学会副理事长(2015-

2.     中国认知科学学会理事 (2013-

3.     四川省认知科学学会理事长(2015-

4.      国际脑电磁图学会(ISBET) 执委会成员(2015-

5. 第20届国际生理心理学会大会主席(2020,成都)



1.     国际脑电图与临床神经科学学会 Roy John Award (2018) (http://www.ecnsweb.org/awards.htm) 以表彰他在电生理方面令人印象深刻和富有影响的研究

2.     AIMBE(美国医学生物工程院) Fellow (2017," 在脑电和磁共振的生物物理和数学模型方面的杰出贡献,以及人才培养方面的成就”(https://aimbe.org/college-of-fellows/cof-2220/)

3.  教育部自然科学一等奖 (1 2010)  

4.     国家杰出青年基金 2005

5.     长江学者 2006

6.     全国优秀教师(2010

7.     Elsevier 2014/2015/2016/2017/2018/中国高被引学者

8.     新世纪百千万人才工程(2006)



1.     脑电零参考技术 REST写入国际电生理联盟(IFCN)guideline(http://www.neuro.uestc.edu.cn/rest/) OHBM 脑电处理白皮书https://cobidasmeeg.wordpress.com/ ;

2.     无标度脑波音乐技术(http://www.neuro.uestc.edu.cn/brainmusic.html)

3.     同步脑电磁共振技术(http://www.neuro.uestc.edu.cn/NIT.html)

4.     推动 --(CCC) 三方基于云平台的脑信息分析与脑老化研究,研发云脑平台 Webrain http://webrain.uestc.edu.cn


Other Contact Information:


个人网页 personal webpage:

Educational Experience

  • 2003.11-2005.12

    丹麦 Aalborg University | 生物医学工程 | 博士研究生(在职) | Doctoral Degree

  • 1988.9-1991.7

    成都地质学院 | 地球物理 | Doctoral Degree

  • 1985.9-1988.7

    浙江农业大学 | 土壤学 | Master's Degree

  • 1981.9-1985.7

    重庆西南师范学院 | 物理 | Bachelor's Degree

  • 1979.9-1981.7


Work Experience

  • 2018.1-Now


  • 2001.11-2017.12

     电子科技大学生命科学与技术学院  | 教师、院长 

  • 2013.5-Now

     电子科技大学信息医学研究中心  | 主任 

  • 2000.10-2001.4

     Department of Psychology | McMaster Uni | Department of Psychology 

  • 1997.9-1998.8

     EECS | Uni Illi Chicago | EECS 

  • 1993.7-2001.10


  • 1991.8-1993.6


Research Focus

  • 脑启发智能技术(Brain-inspired AI)

  • 磁共振 (fMRI)

  • 脑老化 (brain aging)

  • 脑电 (EEG,ERP)

  •  脑信息学 (Brainformatics)

  •  脑器会话(Apparatus-Brain Conversation)

Research Group

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