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Education Level:With Certificate of Graduation for Doctorate Study

Alma Mater:西南交通大学

Degree:Doctoral Degree

Status:On the job


Date of Employment:2010-11-10

Communication and Information Systems

Business Address:科B209

Contact Information:成都高新西区西源大道2006号 wl_zhang@uestc.edu.cn


Honors and Titles:


Education Background

Ÿ   2008.07, PhD, Southwest Jiaotong University (SWJTU), China

Supervisor: Prof. W. Pan (Dean, School of Information Science and Technology, SWJTU)

Discipline: Optical Communication & Devices (Nomination of National Excellent Doctoral Dissertation)

Ÿ   2003.07, Bachelor, Southwest Jiaotong University, China

Communication Engineering (rank: 3% in communication engineering of SWJTU)

Research Experience

Ÿ   2016.09-2017.09 Visiting Scholar, Copenhagen University

Ÿ   2016.07-present, Prof., University of Electronic Science and Technology of China (UESTC), China

Host: Peter Lodahol (Head of Quantum Photonics group at Neils Bohr Institute)

Ÿ   2010.11-2016.09, Asso. Prof., University of Electronic Science and Technology of China (UESTC), China

 2008.09-2010.10, Research Fellow, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Research group: Nanoelectronics Laboratory

Sponsor: Prof. S. F. Yu (now professor in Department of Applied Physics, Hong Kong Polytechnic University)

Ÿ   Research Interest: Microcavity polariton; Tamm plasmonic; Nonlinear dynamics of VCSELs; nanobeam waveguide and quantum dots single photon switch.

Teaching Experience

Ÿ   Teaching Courses

Optoelectronics components (since 2011, graduate student)

Optic fiber sensing and communication (since 2012, under graduate student)

Honors & Awards

Ÿ   2014, Second prize of “Natural Science of China Ministry of Education” (the 4th owner)

Ÿ   2013, “Academic New Talents” awards of University of Electronic Science and Technology

Ÿ   2010, Nomination of “National Excellent Top 100 Doctoral Dissertation” of China

Ÿ   2009, Outstanding Doctoral thesis of Si’chuan Province, China

Ÿ   2009, The winning prize of Microsoft Cup IEEE China Student Paper Contest

Ÿ   2008, Outstanding Doctoral thesis of Southwest Jiaotong University

Ÿ   2008, Doctoral Innovation Fund of Southwest Jiaotong University

Academic activities

Ÿ   Being active reviewer (since 2009) of IEEE J. Sel. Top Quant. Electron., IEEE J. Quant. Electron., IEEE Photon. Technol. Lett., Opt. lett., Opt. Express, Appl. Optics, IET Optoelectronics, and Appl Physics B

Ÿ   Member of OSA (since 2012)

Ÿ   Senior Member of IEEE (since 2013)

Other Contact Information:


Educational Experience

  • 1999.9-2003.7

    西南交通大学 | 通信工程 | With Certificate of Graduation for Undergraduate Study | Bachelor's Degree

  • 2003.9-2008.7

    西南交通大学 | 通信与信息系统 | With Certificate of Graduation for Doctorate Study | Doctoral Degree

Work Experience

  • 2017.12-Now

     电子科技大学信息与通信工程学院  | 副教授 

  • 2010.11-2017.11

     电子科技大学 通信与信息工程学院  | 副教授 

  • 2008.9-2010.10

     新加坡南洋理工大学  | 博士后 

  • 2016.9-2017.9

     尼尔斯波尔研究所 | 哥本哈根大学 | 尼尔斯波尔研究所 

Social Affiliations

Research Focus

  • 光子器件、光纤器件等在信息学科的前沿应用

Research Group

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