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Date of Employment:2019-01-01


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Since January 2019, I joined the School of Foreign Languages at the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, starting my journey in applied linguistics. I focused on second language acquisition, second language writing, and classroom feedback and assessment. While exploring feedback and feedback literacy, I didn't uncover any ultimate secrets, but I did find some personal treasures.

From 2021 onwards, I was fortunate to publish nearly 20 articles in SSCI journals and 4 papers in CSSCI/Chinese core/ESCI journals. I also served as a reviewer for more than ten SSCI journals, led two provincial-level research projects, and participated in three national social science fund projects and provincial-level projects, aiming to bridge theory and practice.

I've presented at various academic conferences, including international and American applied linguistics meetings. Even as a beginner among many experienced researchers, these opportunities allowed me to exchange ideas and gained a lot of insight for my further studies.

As an educator still on this journey, I believe the true value of knowledge shines when it solves real-world problems. Thus, I've written three university English textbooks, hoping to open doors to knowledge for students.

Now, leading the Institute for Multilingual Practice and Education and serving as the head of the "English Writing" course, I continue to explore the vast world of language, aiming to cultivate a new generation that thrives in multicultural environments. My journey might seem ordinary, but each step is filled with curiosity and readiness for new challenges, hoping to share this path with others and move forward together

2014.8  to  2019.1
University of Sydney | Education(TESOL) | With Certificate of Graduation for Doctorate Study | PhD

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Name of Research Group:Institute for Multilingual Practice and Education (IMPE)

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