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Xun Luo

Personal Information

Professor   Supervisor of Doctorate Candidates  

Academic Titles : Head of Center for Advanced Semiconductor and Integrated Micro-System

Honors and Titles : IEEE Outstanding Young Engineer Award

Research Fields

Big-Data Electronics & Artificial-Intelligence Micro-Systems

Big-data (i.e., one Tb/s and beyond) transmission with artifical-intelligence operation is the trend in the future wireless transmission. Many applications of internet of everything (IoE) will improve the life-quality of human-beings and make the world connection closer. As one of the key micro-systems in the total big-data system, the on-chip transceiver demands novel proof-of-concepts to achieve requirements of high performance IoE system. Such transceiver aims to conquer new frontiers in terms of carrier frequency, signal processing, and RF semiconductor design.

Digitally-Assisted RF/Microwave/MM-Wave Integrated Circuits

With the aim to meet the requirement of low power & high efficiency wireless communication, the digital-assisted RF is the key solution. To increase the data-rates with enhanced bandwidth, microwave/mm-wave IC with digital-assisted techniques are the essential module in the whole system. New high efficiency architecture with novel low power circuits will be innovated and developed for minimizing the use of conventional digital/analog circuit functions by replacing them with digital equivalents RF/microwave/mm-wave, which are more amenable to scaling in advanced CMOS technologies.

On-Chip THz Communication

THz communication is one of the trend for future talk between things & human-beings. The heart-key elements, i.e., THz IC, should be carefully developed considering the process limits from Si-based process. Novel unit circuit, i.e., resonator, with improved physical meaning is dramatically demanded for THz active circuits design. Besides, THz IC with sub-system implementation should be higly developed with novelty. Consequently, there is a great need for reliable and feasiable passive devices and high-speed ICs intended for THz frequencies.

Reconfigurable Passive Circuits & Systems

For the coming 5G & future communication, data-rates and frequency spectrum are the limitation. For the front-end implemetation, reconfigurable mechanism should be highly developed for the multi-mode and multi-band operation. Novel tunable passive with simultaneous frequency and bandwidth adjustment is the essential key component in pratical communication system, which still remains chanllenges for scientific research and development.

Smart Sensor Network

To improve the life-quality of human-beings, sensor network is rapidly developed. Large numbers, low energy use, self-organization, collaborative signal processing, and querying ability are recognized great challenges for sensor network. Novel intelligence innovation is dramatically demanded to overcome these limits, especially for the field of smart array integrated circuits and systems with strong performance covering bands from MHz to THz.

Biomicroelectronics Integrated Systems

Biomicroelectronics is the discipline resulting from the convergence of biology and microelectronics, which has the potential to significantly impact many areas important to the human lifes with high-quality, such as the healthcare, protecting the environment, and food supply. There are many puzzles which should be deeply and widely investigated. As the key role of such system, integrated circuits with low-cost, low power, and multi function are highly required.

Multi-Dimensional Integrated Packaging

Packaging circuits and systems are always one of the key challenges in modern microelectronics systems. High performance with compact size and fashion view based on multi-dimensional new technologies is demanded, which can support the operation covering MHz up to THz. Not just the math, physics, and chemistry are fundamental requirements, also includes the development of material, implementation, and fabrication.